Full Contact SEO vs Yext

Local SEO Overview

Both Full Contact and Yext have great products for Local SEO and local marketing. We both do Local Directory NAP Optimization. Our flexibility and staying power are what set us apart.

 Yext  Full Contact
Plan Premium Advanced Package Premium Local SEO Package
Optimization Rate 100% 100%
Number of Sites 55 75
Review Monitoring Yes Yes
Respond To Reviews Yes Yes
Review Generation Wizard Yes Yes
Auto Claim Wizard ? Yes
Enhanced Media Yes Yes
Review Widget Yes Yes
Duplicate Supression Yes Yes
Pricing $999/yr $75/mo
Contract Yearly Month to Month
Cost for 5 Years $4995 $4500
Cancellation Policy Listings Reverted Back/Deleted Listings Remain Intact
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  • Both Yext and Full Contact Local SEO have an optimization rate of 100%.
  • Both get you listed on major sites such as Google, Facebook, Bing, YellowPages, Yelp, Foursquare, Whitepages and more.
  • Both handle review monitoring. You can get instant notifications of any reviews provided by customers on your listings from the important sites.
  • Both provide options to enhance your listings on the go with media such as business hours, pictures and more.
  • Both have options of enhancing your website with review widgets.

Key Differences

  • Yext gets you listed on 55 directories while Full Contact gets you listed on 75 to maximize your Local SEO. You get listed on all the major directories that businesses need to be on – they are all covered in Full Contact’s Local SEO directory network. Besides, newer and more directories are being added to Full Contact’s network on a regular basis.
  • Although both Full Contact and Yext handle review monitoring, there’s no explicit claim that Yext lets you post replies for these reviews from their tool. Full Contact lets you directly respond to reviews through it’s integrated dashboard.
  • Full Contact provides you with the option of motivating customers to provide reviews for your business through it’s Review Generation Wizard whereas there’s no explicit mention of any such feature from Yext.
  • Full Contact provides you with a promotional post for Local SEO for your Google Local each month as well.

Local SEO Pricing

The major factor when it comes to investing in software for your business is price. We understand this and our pricing reflects this sentiment.
Yext has different packages starting from $199/year to $999/year. The package that provides the highest number of features is the $999/year package. Our offering that surpasses this package is offered at a fixed rate of only $75/month.

If your business has multiple locations we can handle that too. We offer additional locations at $50/mo saving you even more. The biggest caveat to our service is that its a month to month contract versus having to lay out $999 at one time which can be cost prohibitive to a small business owner.

Local SEO Benefits

Full Contact’s Local Optimization Tool was created with the intention of making local marketing easier for business owners. Focus more on running your business by letting us focus on expanding your digital presence.

Our cancellation policy is truly advantageous for you in this regard. We do not revert any of your listings back to the old information when you cancel our services. The listings stay as is. That’s our promise. However, Yext doesn’t promise you this.

And the major benefit is that you can save thousands with Full Contact over Yext in the long run. This money can be utilized for any other arm of your business process, expansion or marketing.

Free Bonus

You can now quickly understand how Full Contact can help your business. Use our Local SEO scan tool to get a detailed summary of your business listings across the internet. And this one is on us!

From the summary report you can understand:

  • The number of sites that have an inaccurate listing for your business
  • The number of sites that have an accurate listing for your business.
  • The number of sites where your business listing wasn’t found.

Local SEO Scan Results

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