Poor Grammar and SEO

Poor Grammar

Grammar is a touché topic – “see what we mean?” When dealing with SEO, poor grammar can and is proven to, have a negative impact on business. People of all ages and education levels respond better to content that is error-free and grammatically correct. SEO focuses on attributes of a business that correlate with positive engagements that are free of errors and accurate. Without these attributes, the company can be misinterpreted, misrepresented, or not taken seriously in their approach to detailed matters.

What does Google Think?

Search engines such as Google and Bing approach bad grammar and misspelled words in several different ways. These search engines may not have exact algorithms that measure poor grammar and misspelled words, but they do have meticulous algorithms that monitor user experience. Bad grammar will ultimately cause a bad user experience, causing a person to have less trust in a company and be less informed. Users who leave a website or content quickly because of poor grammar and misspelled words are creating negative search engine optimization value for a business, hurting the representation of a business amongst their competition. Less trust and representation equals less money for a business.

How to Improve Poor Grammar

Utilizing writing tools and “grammar catchers” are useful when you know which word to choose, or why that particular sentence structure is wrong. However, when you’re not sure of the reasoning, or you don’t know which word to change the spelling to in order for it to be correct, there are other ways to ensure proper grammar is being applied to your content. Editors and SEO services are skilled at making sure your content is not only the most profitable because of proper search engine optimization, but also the most appealing to the user because of proper grammar usage and correct spelling. A service designed to make content more enjoyable for the user will place an emphasis on proper grammar usage and correct spelling when advertising their services.

How we can help

Full Contact SEO is the firm that can help you get on track and get the most from SEO. Full Contact SEO not only utilizes spelling and grammar software, we also proofread and ensure that all the content they publish for clients is error-free and optimized for the customer’s business. Full Contact SEO specializes in WordPress, Web development, Local SEO, SEM, and SEO for Small Business. If you are concerned about how grammar can impact your business both negatively and in a positive manner, let Full Contact SEO develop and manage your marketing, and become worry-free about your content.