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Law Firm SEO / Lawyer SEO is the best marketing strategy for attorneys looking to onboard new clients. Law Firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is focused on ranking an attorney’s website on page 1 of Google so that prospective clients can find them. The goal is to get to the top of page 1 for specific high value keywords so prospective clients find your site when looking for an attorney to retain for their particular case.

Law Firm SEO - Lawyer SEO - Attorney Marketing

Some Legal Areas We Work In

Criminal Defense Law

Estate Planning Law

Personal Injury Law

Real Estate Law

Divorce / Family Law

We Position Attorneys As Experts In Their Field

Your ranking in the Google 3 Pack is top priority. According to Advanced Web Ranking, the world’s longest standard rank tracking tool, the third, second, and first results receive 9.5 percent, 13.81 percent, and 24.81 percent of clicks respectively, for a combined total of 47.79 percent of clicks. This means the #1 result in the 3 pack gets a quarter of the clicks for that keyword.

Legal Directories do more than just display you in a good light. The backlinks from those directories can be the difference between being in the 3 pack or not. Domain Authority begins and ends with being in the right places online.

20% of all clicks go to ads, 50% are the 3 pack, and the last 30% are mixed between organic, bottom ads, more local results, and page 2 and beyond. Presenting you as a pundit means having you show up in all of those places.

Law Firm SEO - Lawyer SEO - Attorney Marketing

A Tried and True Law Firm SEO Playbook

We have years of experience with Law Firm SEO and know what it takes to move your firm to the top of the search results page. Our playbook is tried and true and we have the data to back it up. When you are looking for Lawyer SEO, go with the firm that can show your results right now. Our attorney clients will gladly vouch for us and take calls from prospective clients to let them know just how good we are.  I think they do it to make sure our new clients aren’t in their markets, but we never compete with ourselves. We want one firm in each area of law in each market and will cut your monthly fee if you refer us someone in your market in a different vertical. An example would be a Criminal Lawyer referring us a Divorce Lawyer.

Law Firm SEO – SEM / Advertising

We are a Google Partner Agency. We are all Certified in every Google Ad Type. We are Bing Ads Accredited. We are constantly learning to stay at the forefront of Law Firm SEO.

Law Firm SEO – Measurement / Data

We have the tools to succeed. If there is an SEO tool that is needed to win, you can rest assured we have it and use it to help you win. It takes data to win and we have it.

Law Firm SEO – Website Optimization

We never stop optimizing your website. From measuring with Page Speed Insights to daily scans with SEM Rush, we make sure your site is better than your competitors.

Grow your traffic with Law Firm SEO

We attack high value keywords in order of importance. Dominate one and move to the next. We never stop.

Law Firm Marketing - Measurement

Increase sales with Law Firm SEO

More leads equals more sales. We make the phone ring with qualified leads for you to close.

Law Firm SEO - Lawyer SEO - Grow Your Leads


Web Lead Growth Rate

Average growth of our clients online leads the first year.


Law Firm SEO Agency

The Best Law Firm SEO Agency you can retain. We take winning personal.


3 Pack Keywords

Ranked in the “snack pack”. Map Pack or Bust is our motto.

Odelia Goldberg - Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Attorney - Law Firm SEO - Lawyer SEO

“The team at Full Contact SEO is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. I’m happy with my website’s performance. The calls I get are very legit.”

Odelia Goldberg, Esq.

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Give us a call or fill out the form for some examples of client websites or some keywords to search to see our results in real time. We want you to vet us as our work speaks for itself.

“Full Contact SEO is the leader in Law Firm SEO. My firm dominates my market and we get hundreds of calls per month. We have experienced year on year growth and launch new websites each year to dominate another vertical”

Chad F Bank, Esq.